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Knee Pain – Patient Education for a Natural Relief

Knee is a part of the human body that carries the weight of the entire body. The end of the two bones, called Femur and Tibia, ends near the knee, but the two ends do not meet each other. A layer of cartilage is formed at the articular end of the knee bone. Cartilage is a group of smooth connective tissues such as smooth and rubber, which helps to fold and rotate the joints properly. Injuries and wounds cause damage to the cartilage, which causes the cartilage to rub and cause pain and swelling in the knee. But apart from this, there are many other reasons, which cause knee pain problem.

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Reasons behind joint pain

If you are overweight then your body weight can become an enemy of your knees, because when the weight of the body is more, then the feet has to bear all the pressure. Due to the full weight of the body on the feet, people often complaint about pain in the knees.

Deformity in the feet
In cases where the legs are not straight and bent, then the weight of the body falls on one side of the knee, which can cause knee pain and arthritis. This can reduce the possibility of knee pain.

Type of daily activity
Those who work all day by kneeling or sitting at one place for a long time are at a higher risk of pain in the knees. Carpenters and plumbers fall into this category, so they are more prone to knee pain than others. Apart from this, kindergarten teachers teaching children sitting on the ground can also be victims of knee pain, but with the help of physiotherapy and exercise, some relief can be found from this problem.

TB and bacterial infection can damage your knee. This can cause unbearable pain, swelling and stiffness in the knee. Due to the pain in the knees due to infection, the sufferer has a lot of difficulty in walking. To know the cause of knee pain due to infection.

Sometimes carcinogenic tumors can also be responsible for swelling and unbearable pain in the knees.

While sports are necessary to keep the body fit but in sports, the cartilage is pressurized due to repeated repetitions of the same type of activity. There may be a complaint of knee pain due to bad surface or running on a treadmill. To prevent this, it would be better to change physiotherapy and physical activity.

The gym
If a person over 35 years of age runs on the treadmill in the gym, sits on a pedestal, lifts heavy weight and practices jumping, then it can cause him face knee pain and related complications.

What lifestyle changes to make to prevent or deal with knee pain?

Knee pain is not a disease. Simply, it is a physical pain. There is no need to be afraid of this complication. There are both treatments and solutions for this, but with this you need to incorporate some changes in your lifestyle.

  • Increase the amount of calcium in your food. Include low fat milk, dairy products, almonds, soy and green leafy vegetables in your diet.
  • Sunlight is considered a source of vitamin D. When the rays of the sun fall on the body in the morning, the body becomes strong. For overcoming the lack of vitamin D in the body, spend some time in the morning sun and consume eggs.
  • If the body weight is more than normal, then take positive steps towards controlling it. For this, take help of good diet and exercise.
  • Jogging or running on sanded surface or on soft surface. If there is trouble in the knees, then refrain from sitting on a pedestal, jumping and running on the treadmill.
  • If you have pain and swelling in your knees for 4 consecutive weeks, then do not take it lightly and consult an orthopedic surgeon.
  • Exercise - With the help of exercise, you can control your knee pain to some extent. For this, take a tube of the bicycle tire and put it in the right leg in front of the chair. After that, sit in that chair and put your right foot inside that tube. Now, while stretching the bicycle tube, lift your leg upwards and keep your foot in this position for a minute or two, then slowly bring your feet down to the first position. When this exercise of the right foot is complete, repeat this process for the left leg. This exercise is very easy. Repeat this exercise twice a day 10-15 times if you have problems with your knees.

Take help of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient remedial science that has a solution for each body related disorder. The formulation of Kudos V1 tablets and Kudos V1 Jointment for joint pain relief is made with herbal extracts and compounds that act synergistically. Essential oils present in the formulation are absorbed by the skin quickly and acts on joint pain. This joint pain management works on improvement of symptoms like reduction in pain, morning stiffness, swelling in joints pain, reduction in ESR levels.

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