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How does aging contribute to joint pain?

With aging, pain starts in the joints of the extremities and weakness starts in the bones. Most of these problems are felt in the knees. Have you ever wondered why this happens?

(Read below to know the insight of joint pain development and the Ayurvedic medicine for joint pain relief.)

For many years of life, the joints of our body continue to work without any problem. Then what happens that after an age, the pain starts in them, there is trouble? Researchers believe that all the processes that occur at the end of our life are related to some of the processes that occur at the beginning of life. In fact, these processes begin even before the birth of human being in his embryonic state.

There is a change in the fetus while it is in the womb. In the embryonic state, cartilage forms up the asthenosphere of human body. Gradually it changes and then the cartilage forms bones. Cartilage remains in only the part of the body where it is required, i.e. in the joints. At these places this process to convert from cartilage to bones stops. With this we get ready to face everyday challenges in life.

The combination of strong bones and thin layer of cartilage makes our body capable of using it according to different needs and circumstances. The cartilage is very strong. It can lift hundreds of kilos and also helps in making the body flexible. All this is possible due to its special structure. Cartilage contains an elastic solution that consists of several layers of water, protein, and collagen. These layers are very closely interlinked. This structure of cartilage is required to be maintained in this way and this is done by cartilage cells. These cells are present at the depth of the cartilage tissue. These cells continuously change the fiber of the cartilage. The old protein chains are replaced by new ones, and for many years this process continues in a similar manner.

A strange process begins as the age passes. Something happens in the joints that the cells begin to destroy the cartilage. These cells restart the same process as in the embryonic stage. This process starts early in some people and a little later in some. In this process some cartilage cells die, and then some are converted into bone cells. The cartilage now begins to form bone. Due to this, the shape of bones starts changing and it becomes difficult for the joints to move adequately. The same process that prepared us for life in the embryonic stage now makes our joints stiff and stable. The result is pain and difficulties in walking and working.

If there is any problem in any part of the body, then the person becomes restless and it seems that there is a problem in the whole body. With aging, many types of problems arise in the body. Such as - joint pain. Joint pain is a common but serious problem. When this happens, the body becomes helpless and a person feels incapable of doing anything. There can be many reasons for joint pain, many people have pain due to genital disease, and some people are indulged in intense physical workout.

But do you know that your food and drink can also affect the joint pain? Therefore, in case of joint pain problem, the doctor refuses you to eat some food and insists to include some in the diet, so that you can get rid of the pain as soon as possible.

Let us know which type of food to avoid in case of joint pain:

Artificial sugar - People who have frequent complaints of joint pain should stay away from artificial sugar. This will not increase their weight and they will be able to get rid of the problem of pain.

Milk products -Milk products contain high amounts of protein which can cause muscle swelling and pain, as well as increase weight. Therefore, it is better to limit the consumption of dairy products.

Processed meat - Processed meat or red meat contains high amount of calories which can cause inflammation problem. Therefore, it is not an appropriate food item for joint pain.

Tomato - Tomato contains high amount of uric acid which is not good for joint pain. This may increase joint pain and may also cause swelling. Avoid it if possible.

Shell fish - It contains purine which is later converted to uric acid. This conversion increases the amount of uric acid in the body and complex the problem of swelling and pain.

Eggs -Studies have shown that consuming eggs every day can increase joint pain because it contains arachidonic acid which makes the muscles tight.

Vegetable oil - Some types of vegetable oils like- sunflower oil, soybean oil, corn oil, etc. have high amount of fat, which increases the body's cause considerably and stresses the joints. Therefore, such oils should be used in small quantities to make food.

Alcohol - Alcohol etc. in beer is very high in uric acid due to which there may be problem of inflammation. It also contains gluten which affects the body's ability to produce pain.

Refined salt- Refined salt contains phosphorus and silicon which reduces the density of bones and makes them weak, so it is beneficial not to consume it, if you have joint pain.

(Note: It is strictly recommended to consult your doctor or dietitian before making any dietary or lifestyle modifications.)

How to get relief from joint pain?

The formulation of Kudos V1 tablets and Kudos V1 Jointment for joint pain relief contains herbal extracts and compounds that act synergistically. Essential oils present in the formulation are absorbed by the skin quickly and acts on joint pain. This joint pain management works on improvement of symptoms like reduction in pain, morning stiffness, swelling in joints pain, reduction in ESR levels.

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