Joint pain can be an unpleasant and excruciating experience, depending on the degree of damage present in the joint. There are many medical complaints that can be associated with joint pain, making it difficult to determine the cause of your discomfort.

Joint pain is the sensation of soreness or discomfort in a joint or joints of the body. The spaces where the bones meet (such as the hip, knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle) are known as Joints. Joint pain can occur with or without movement and can be severe enough to limit movement. People may describe joint pain as discomfort, inflammation, increased warmth or burning, soreness, stiffness, or pain. Your joint pain may last for a brief time or it may be chronic (lasting more than three months). Joint pain has many causes. Sudden joint pain can be due to a mild muscle or ligament sprain, bursitis, or a dislocation. Chronic joint pain can be a symptom of serious and even life-threatening conditions.

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The Effective Ingredients Of Kudos V-1

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Kudos Ayurveda to the rescue!

Kudos V1 tablets are designed by Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS) and Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) under Ministry of Ayush and Ministry of Science and Technology respectively as a scientifically verified Ayurvedic treatment for joint pain.

It is highly effective in the treatment of morning stiffness, joint pains, and inflammation. It is manufactured by Kudos Laboratories and is a low cost, affordable tablet for the masses. Kudos V1 tablets are a formulation that is a mixture of rare available herbs.

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    Helps relieve inflammation in the joints
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    Improves digestive fire
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    Help reduce fat
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    A great detoxifier
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    An analgesic
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    All types of Joints Pain

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V-1 Kit - Joint Pain Expert

V-1 Kit - Joint Pain Expert


V-1 Kit will give relief from joint pain. This Joint Pain Management has the combination of essential oils and power of Ayurveda.


Clinical Efficacy

Human Clinical Trial done by CCRAS and CSIR - NEIST to prove the efficacy of Kudos® V-1®.

CRI, Bhubaneswar Clinical Study

The Clinical Study was conducted at IPD level at CRI, Bhubaneswar in 63 Patients of Amavata (Rheumatoid arthritis) for Six weeks. Improvement in functional capacity and ESR was observed.

JRAS Clinical Study

A Clinical Trial of KUDOS® V-1® Tablet for 6 weeks in 50 patients of Arthritis showed marked improvement in tenderness, muscle weakness, restriction of movements, ESR.

Jorhat Clinical Study

Total of 45 patients were examined clinically and excellent result of "Anti-Arthritis KUDOS® V-1® Jointment™" in different cytokines of Arthritis inflammation was observed.

Animal Trial

10 days of treatment normalized the restriction of movement. Mice were found to be walking, riding like control mice and erythema of paw, joint swelling was almost disappeared suggesting a relief from arthritic condition.

No Side Effects

Safety toxicity investigations has been done and it has been proved that KUDOS® V-1® TABLETS and KUDOS® V-1® JOINTMENT™ are 100% Safe.

Patients Response

Need of the product among the Arthritis Patients is huge, so market potential of Kudos® V-1® is wide enough. In many parts of the country, among the Arthritis Patients, the product already established its popularity.

Ayurveda is the result of thousands of years of hard work and experience of our sages. Ayurveda is not only bounded to the treatment of diseases, but it provides absolute knowledge of life values, health and life. While doing the treatment in Ayurveda, not only the symptoms of the disease are seen, but along with this the nature of the patient's mind, physical nature and other Doshas are also taken into consideration. This is the reason that despite having the same disease, there is a difference in the treatment and medicines of different patients.

According to Ayurveda, no disease can be only physical or only mental. Physical diseases have an effect on the mind and mental diseases have an effect on the body. That is why all diseases are treated as psychosomatic. Ayurveda does not use any kind of chemical substances, and only herbal medicines that do not have any negative effects on the body.

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